Writing Letters, Changing Lives.

Writing Letters, Changing Lives.

Writing Letters, Changing Lives
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The greatest human trait is the tendency to push boundaries—the evolution of mankind depends on it. We are constantly striving to improve: to do things faster, to make things more energy or cost-efficient, to eliminate inconveniences. As a result, we end up relying on technology. A whole lot.

Computers, machinery and electronic components now dominate our world. Long gone is the era of familiar voices over phone calls and heartfelt letters, and instead replacing it are heartless emotionless WhatsApp messages and emails. Where has that touch of humanity gone? Has humanity really gone for good?

How long has it been since you’ve last written a letter? Not a text, not a message, but a proper, handwritten letter? You never know how your letter might change lives. Author Alexandra Frazen has put together a booklet on the art of letter writing, which contains tips to craft different letters including love letters, thank you letters and so much more.

Click on the link below to know more and start writing today!

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