Writing – Escapism for Loneliness.

Writing – Escapism for Loneliness.

Writing - Escapism for Loneliness.
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There is a reason why some people write every day, be it in their personal diaries or on their public blogs. Some do it for pure ranting purposes and some use it as a medium to unleash their innermost thoughts and complaints. Whatever the reason may be, writing ultimately gives you comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

No one wants to feel like a lonely petunia in an onion patch; to be out of place and isolated by a feeling you sense you cannot express is embarrassing so writing becomes your medium to share and open up to see if someone else shares your struggles, happiness, and pain with you.

Yes, it is at times time-consuming and sometimes even painful as you type the words down and realise tears start streaming down but it is also comforting and heals as you express yourself.

When you write, you go first. It is like going up to someone and asking them for help first and then hearing their reply as they start to open up to you – like when you come across someone who writes the similar thing as you. Though writing may seem unrewarding, it is not. The greatest reward to it is expressing a feeling that no one wants to bring up but is painstakingly suffering within you. By doing so, you offer help and in return, you get familiarity and a sense of belonging.

It is escapism of all lonely souls as one feels and aches together through words.