Why Go That Extra Mile?


DSC_00461. The pain of stagnation. Staying within your comfort zone long enough, will ensure you experience nothing close to contentment. At this point, you’d lived from such extreme familiarity and comfort that it may paralyse growth and you would begin to rot in the confines of complacency.

2. You’re more than a transaction. All that holds us together and breathes life through this body is worth more than any value money can buy. If we’re doing what we can only for the money that pays us, or what we’re rewarded for, then we’re govern by a transaction. Every transaction is limited to its value and bargain. As you read this, know you are priceless. You are beyond transaction. Limitless. You go the extra mile not for accolades or rewards. You go that mile because YOU CAN.

3. Discover the infinite. The journey will show you to you. Regardless the outcome, it will show you – your weaknesses and strengths. It will take you through a process, and sometimes you may come up hard against your wired belief systems. Allow. Many times you might find paths in front of you. It serves to teach you lessons in decision making. Every wrong decision, teaches you responsibility, births new insight, evokes new faculties of intelligence and the list goes on. Every right decision is a sign of you embodying the lesson.

The extra mile will birth more. Possibilities will manifest through you. We’re no fortune tellers, yet with every step into the unknown your gut will tell you that new realities may form. New working opportunities, new understanding/insights, new way of doing things, new relationships, new discoveries. Many things new.

The only key to access this new domain of possibilities, is you. You begin to live the ‘more’ of you and that becomes the benediction to the world around you. And as the adventure unfolds with every extra mile, you’d somehow learn that the ever expanding ‘more’ of you, is the rest of you.

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