The Gift of Education

The Gift of Education


Kalsom-MASCA Revisit Workshop (KMRW)

“Education is the movement from darkness to light” – Allan Bloom

Everyone knows that the children of any nation are its future, but what if they are still left in the dark? If given the chance, how would you give them a passport to a brighter future?

The Kalsom-MASCA Revisit Workshop (KMRW) is a proud collaboration between The Kalsom Movement and MASCA (The Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia) which aims to alleviate education inequality by bringing more children into the light through education.

The Kalsom Movement originated from a donation drive run by four young Malaysians studying in the UK to help a struggling mother affected by the 1993 Kelantan floods bear the costs of her children’s education. Since then, it has evolved from its humble beginnings into the longest student-run movement in Malaysia, successfully helping more than 4000 students all over Malaysia.

Meanwhile, MASCA is the representative council for Malaysian students in Australia, aiming to build a strong and united Malaysian community in Australia. Another goal is also to enrich future generations with the hopes of driving change back in Malaysia.

Since 2014, both parties have collaborated to develop and organize KMRW, which is a follow-up to The Kalsom Movement’s flagship event— the Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp, which is held annually in August. As its name suggests, this workshop sees the facilitators returning to visit and check on the progress of the participants from the Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp.

The focuses of the workshop are:
1. To re-spark the Kalsom spirit among beneficiaries.
2. To equip beneficiaries with academic skills and the usage of the English language.
3. To develop entrepreneurship and business skills.

Since this revisit workshop is conducted in January, its committee members are largely sourced from students studying in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, as it coincides with their annual summer break. These individuals are chosen for their experience in their respective departments, their ability to work both in and out of a team, as well as their passion in contributing to the Kalsom cause.

The first KMRW was held in Kedah, and was a raging success, seeing over 6 schools and 120 students from underprivileged backgrounds involved. The 2015 workshop was conducted over a period of three days as a series of roadshows at each school, through a module designed not only to increase the beneficiaries’ interest in the respective academic subjects but also to prepare them for SPM and beyond.

The details of the upcoming workshop are as follows:
Date: 31st January – 4th February 2016
Venue: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Theme: Empowering Nations

This time, they are aiming to fund 160 students from disadvantaged backgrounds (household income of RM3000 or less), 10 committee members and 20 facilitators for the five-day workshop. And in order to make this programme a reality, they are now appealing to the public to lend a hand and make a difference.

If you think you can gift a child the gift of education, or for more information please visit their website at, or their Facebook page: for their latest event updates.

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