Strangers Can Become Our Friends.

Strangers Can Become Our Friends.


Growing up, our parents tell us to never talk to strangers. We grow older and this rule remains inside our hearts and mind. However, what happens when we decide to push past our worries and awkwardness to finally take that step and say, “Hello” to someone right next to us?

Strangers are people too and like us, they feel uncomfortable and out of place being in a place filled with unknown names and faces. We stick by ourselves and hope that the time passes by quickly without having to interact with anyone, but putting a hand out to shake someone’s hand may be the first step to changing our everyday routine.

Though it may seem scary and sometimes difficult to do, these small interactions with a stranger may lead us to a better day or even a chance to make a new friend. We might even realise that talking to a stranger gives us more room for expression and even comfort.

Find out why you should talk to strangers:

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