Peace is More Than Words

Peace is More Than Words


The word ‘peace’ is often used by many in hopes that one day everyone will no longer have to witness suffering and pain. Post after post on social media, encouragements from blogs and news portals and exchanged conversations between friends about how one should achieve peace often takes place, but what is anyone really doing to make this dream of peace a reality?

Like everything else, peace is only achievable when one makes the decision to do it and to attain peace takes hard work and a leap of faith that one’s work will make a difference. Ultimately, peace is not something to just wish for but something one can make happen, something one gives away by devoting love and dedication in that one action that will instill a little hope of peace.

Will you be the one to take this step? Check out this project of peace through art:

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A believer in finding inspiration from the things around you, Carmen is enthusiastic about the arts; and passionate about doing good and changing lives.