Living As An Outsider.

Living As An Outsider.


Living As An Outsider.

Everyone is afraid of failure. So what do we do? We stop thinking outside the box, we shy away from foreign hurdles, we wade within familiar parameters, allured by the certainty of success.

The irony in all of it is that, the instance we surrender to that fear, the moment we refrain ourselves from trying because it drags us beyond our comfort zones, we have already failed, in the worst way possible.

Remember that football tryout that you never showed up for because you didn’t expect it to make it anyway?

How about that role in the school play that you chose not to audition for? That one where you didn’t want to stay back for rehearsals, because it wasn’t convenient for your parents to pick you up.

What about that part-time internship? The one you turned down because it wasn’t related to the major that you were planning to study?

“I don’t have the time.”

“I’ll never be good enough.”

“I can’t do it.”

Notice one thing in common: none of them have actually tried.

Time after time, we have allowed self-doubt to determine our actions, to steer clear of edges for the fear of falling over. It tells us to avoid risks, to follow the rules, to spend the rest of our days in snug little comfort bubbles.

Well guess what, that howling blizzard beyond the honey-coloured walls you hid behind as a child? That is where all the other neighbourhood children had their giggly snowball fights.

You will fail in life, more than a billion times with each disaster more demoralising than the last. But you can never let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying, because outside your barricades of security, are where the wonders of life await you.

We need to stop making excuses, justifying our ‘can’ts and ‘don’ts with false predictions of a future we cannot control. Start living outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself. Fail, stand up, and try again, because only when you begin to feel- albeit exhilaration or utter disappointment- those are the memories that you will carry with you forever.

Live for the days you will never forget. Live your life in vibrant colour, so the blue Mondays juxtapose with the golden Sundays. Live today, as yesterday is lost forever, and tomorrow is an entire universe of possibilities.

After all, you only feel that rush of adrenaline on the steepest of rollercoaster’s. So let’s learn to live as outsiders, and as the youngsters say these days, ‘let’s carpe some diem’.


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