Like a Phoenix, They Shall RISE.

Like a Phoenix, They Shall RISE.


Like a Phoenix, They Shall RISE

From mainstream action films to romance, one stumbles upon an encouraging film that will give everyone something to think about in a society filled with many of those are out casted and lost.

Aiming to be release in early 2018, RISE is an upcoming inspirational film about a group of young adults who find that they are more than what people think they are – outcast, troubled, lost. The message of the film will challenge those who look down on themselves to find their true hidden abilities and to open their eyes to new and fresh possibilities.

From being an A student to a hoodlum, RISE’s director, Kathleen Rakela sought out the idea of the film through her very own experience as a child when one of her favourite teachers was removed from the school, bringing Rakela and her classmates into a stage of rebellion, a downward spiral. Making connections to her own past, the film RISE uses a teacher too, to motivate the group of misfits to come out of their shell and to embrace their uniqueness.

The film, having a very symbolic name, RISE is actually the third title thought of by Rakela. Before finalising on the title, Rakela went through titles such as Project 72 (from the program for troubled high school children after the 1960’s movement) and Ordinary Kids. However, both titles did not sit well with the main message of the film and was changed to RISE.

“I brought in the phoenix metaphor, which symbolises what was happening with the students and the town. It was then that I knew the title should be RISE,” Rakela mentions.

Shaking with excitement and heart filled with anticipation, the wait for the release of RISE is hard to contain. Though targeting to inspire the young adults of society to help them face their ever-growing problems, RISE is ultimately for the young adult in all of us who is ever learning despite our age.

Through RISE, Rakela hopes that society will get to know the future, which are the youths of the world and to equip them with the necessary skills society can offer them without asking for anything in return.

“I hope it (RISE) will make people look at each other differently and treasure the value of each unique life,” says Rakela.

Watch out for the film, RISE coming out in early 2018.
Check out their Facebook page at for more information.

Like a Phoenix, They Shall RISE

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