Just Get The Milkshake

Just Get The Milkshake

Just Get the Milkshake
(Photo Source: thechangeblog)

To be alive is a gift, and life itself is a celebration. Never ever take that for granted. Never ever get too caught up in chasing down various unrealistic states of happiness and satisfaction that you forget to appreciate being alive.

Although diagnosed with cancer, it did not stop this father from imparting five very important life lessons to his children before he passed on. Turning his battle with cancer itself into a teaching opportunity, he taught his children to cherish life, and live it to the fullest; to never hold grudges, because what matters in life is literally just life and death—nothing in between matters.

But most of all, he taught them to live in the moment, and just “get the milkshake”.

Read the full story here: http://www.thechangeblog.com/fathers-legacy/

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