Importance Of Good Company.

Importance Of Good Company.

Importance Of Good Company.

Ever realized how the first person you’d call after a devastating breakup, is your best friend? What about wardrobe advice? Or maybe just an Instagram dilemma?

Do your friends tell you what you want to hear? Or do they tell you what you need to hear? But most importantly, how do they affect your lives?

Perhaps, we are not the roots to our endless distress, as we have been hardwired to believe. But the people we work with, the people we sit next to at school, the people we’ve known longer than our memories allow.

Similar to the effect of health against happiness, ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and more than often, our bright blue skies have been tainted grey through the influence of others.

Maybe it’s time we take a step back and reflect on the relationships in our lives- are they healthy?

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