How To Build A Light Box.

How To Build A Light Box.


How to make a light box.

Step 1: Prepare materials: 3 white infra board, 2 tracing paper, box cutter, masking tape, ruler, pencil, and lights.

Step 2: Trace tracing paper on white infra board. Make sure the hole for the tracing paper is smaller than the tracing paper itself. This would allow you to easily tape the tracing paper onto the infra board.

Step 3: Cut along to the line.

Step 4: Tape your tracing paper on the board.

Step 5: Tape 3 of the boards side by side together leaving a small gap to bend.

Step 6:  Tape a poster paper to build the background and base of the light box.

Step 7: Tape a board behind the light box to make it stable.

Step 8: And it’s done!