A message for Humanity.

A message for Humanity.


The world is ill, this can’t be denied.
This illness is spreading.
This illness is made to be the norm.
This illness is the base of profit for some, if not most.
This illness is what is dependent upon by the exploiters,
to exploit; this illness is kept alive.

The time is now to accept this,
to face this, that the world as it is,
is ill and the source of illness is us.

We hold this illness as the value for survival,
we hold this illness as the winning that most sought after,
we hold this illness as the profit at any cost.
We have become this illness.

In the name of success; we have done this,
in the name of winning; we have done this,
in the name of God; we have done this,
in the name of goodness; we have done this,
in almost all names; we have done this.

The world as we know it is ill.
We kill each other,
we make poverty,
we destroy this earth,
we create conflict,
we violate one another in all kinds of name,
we create laws and these same laws can be used for lawless.

But for the most, they are not ready to see this fact,
that this world is ill.
The earth is suffering,
the humanity is losing its humanity,
but this is not the end.

The world is just ill.
We need to heal it;
we need to heal it in ourselves,
and then we need to play a role in getting it back to health again,
in which all our actions are to uphold the health, and the well being of in this miracle we call earth and this magic we call life.

And the first step towards this is to rise to be a friend.
A friend to this Earth,
a friend to our children’s future,
a friend to the fault of our past,
a friend to all living things on this earth; for in that, in no way, you support the growth of this illness.

As where you find yourself, to play this role,
do what you can from where you are and heal this illness that this world is in.
Be one of those that live it rightly for you and for all.
Thank you.

– Dhyan Vimal –

Here is a beautiful video by the founder of Friends To Mankind, Dhyan Vimal and his message on how we can heal this “illness”, together.